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Welcome to San Marco Castle

A baroque jewel by the sea, between the majestic volcano Etna and the splendid Taormina.

We date back to 1689 when Prince Gravina Cruyllas decided to erect this princely residence, a residence that juts out into the infinite blue sea.

In this enchanted setting, past and present intertwine with timeless grace, offering a journey through centuries of history, domination and tradition. Every corner of the Castle tells the unique story of Sicily, an extraordinary blend of cultures and influences.

Here, every open door reveals unknown wonders, and the gaze captures fascinating suggestions. This is a place where Sicily reveals itself in all its splendour, immersing you in an unforgettable experience, a stay that celebrates culture, history and identity in a symphony of emotion and beauty.

The most authentic Sicily

The Prince of Palagonia could never have imagined that his sumptuous residence would become an attraction for travellers from every corner of the globe. Castello San Marco has enchanted and welcomed numerous daring explorers on the Grand Tour for over 330 years. In this place, every guest, both then and now, experiences a sense of belonging and ‘home’.

The Murabito family, with the grace and elegance that only long-standing Sicilian families can offer, continues to keep alive the tradition of a warm welcome. This is a place where time seems to slip away and authenticity is the currency. Genuine smiles and sincere hospitality are the calling card of this residence, where every visitor is welcomed as a dear friend, ready to share an experience that goes beyond mere hospitality.


Design, beauty, relaxation

Journey, Ethics, Harmony

Journey, ethics and harmony converge in a sublime union at the Castle. In our fine dining restaurant, the ‘Giardino di Pietra’, culinary passion merges with sophistication, celebrating the best local tradition.

Behind our kitchen, we lovingly tend a wonderful organic vegetable garden. Here, Sarjo cultivates tasty and healthy vegetables with daily dedication, following ancient methods handed down over the centuries. The result is a menu inspired by Sicilian cuisine, interpreted with a gourmet twist, that will enchant the most discerning palates.

In our culinary approach, the journey through flavours is combined with the ethos of sustainability, creating a gastronomic harmony that reflects the soul and beliefs of this magical place and its people.


Rebirth, rediscovery

The difference between celebrating and dreaming

The difference between celebrating and dreaming comes to life here, where elegantly decorated rooms, with attention to the smallest details, mingle with Mediterranean gardens, fountains, towers and a large park that extends to our magnificent swimming pool, just 50 metres from the sea, with our private terrace and beach at your fingertips.

In this enchanting location, the possibility of creating emotions is endless, with various spaces waiting to be discovered and experienced.


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Castello di San Marco

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