Olio San Marco

Olio San Marco

We produce a superior olive oil from olives grown on our estate from ecologically sustainable agriculture. The fruits are harvested by hand and pressed within 48 hours.

Our extra virgin olive oil is characterised above all by a very low level of acidity, around 0.6 per cent. The flavour can, however, vary quite noticeably depending on the stage of veraison during which the olives are harvested and pressed. On the nose, a fruitiness imposes itself with sensations of green tomato, grass leaf, almond or even thistle and artichoke.

The fruitiness is of medium to high intensity, while in terms of taste and aftertaste, this oil is very intense.

Rich in polyphenols, and therefore endowed with excellent antioxidant properties with which the body defends itself against cardiovascular and neurological diseases, Nocellara Etnea extra virgin olive oil is highly digestible and is excellent to use on raw and cooked foods and in the preparation of desserts.


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